Cloud gaming solutions

Leverage edge nodes around the world to provide line gaming solutions for the industry.

Woke Space solutions

Woke Space solutions help global enterprises easily achieve cloud office.

loud mobile solutions

Provide one-stop cross-border cloud mobile phone solutions for overseas e-commerce and cross-border live broadcasting

SD-WAN Solutions

The SD-WAN solution focuses on solving the challenge of full scenario interconnection acceleration

Edge Cloudadvantage

dge computing is a computational model that places critical processing tasks within the framework or environment in which the data is generated. It is a framework that enables the generation, storage, and processing of data where it is created, without the need for a data center or central data computing environment. Edge computing is the future of network architecture. It will help you break the limitations of the old cloud-based network.


The best thing about edge computing is that it is very fast, and it will help you reduce network latency. If you use edge computing, the iot device will process the data in the edge data center or locally. Therefore, data does not need to be transferred back to the central server.


Edge computing distributes data processing work between different data centers and devices. As a result, DDoS attacks on your network will be very difficult, which will also increase the total area of the attack.


Buy equipment with enough computing power to extend the edge network. Enterprises do not need to build their own private or centralized data centers for their data needs.


Edge computing provides better reliability than cloud computing. All edge data centers and iot devices are located near users.


With edge computing, organizations spend less on operational costs because there is minimal need to move data to the cloud.


Edge computing data is created, stored, and processed in one place, making it easy to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

What's Edge Cloud

AnyEdge is an international cloud services company, providing a range of cloud services.

AnyEdge is a leading national web hosting solutions company. Since our founding, we have continued to innovate new ways to fulfill our mission: enabling people to make the most of the Web. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world, so anyone can get online and thrive.

What did we do

What did we do?

AnyEdge has been committed to the development of global accelerated edge computing services, and continues to expand globally to provide users with more alternative nodes.
Data center
Region edge node
City Region edge node

Which hosts are provided by the edge cloud

Intel Server

Intel-based CPU servers are one of AnyEdge's main products.

Amd Server

AnyEdge also provides users with AMD CPU-based servers to facilitate user diversification.

Arm Server

AnyEdge has launched ARM servers for users' needs such as cloud mobile phones and AI.

Gpu Server

GPU host is AnyEdge's console product for cloud rendering business such as cloud games and AI.